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Surface Pro 3 Sales Training

Gamification, Enablement

When Microsoft launched Surface Pro 3, they needed a way to educate their employees on the device’s capabilities in a novel, attention grabbing manner.

A key cornerstone of Microsoft’s business is their Hardware, Devices and Services unit. Competing for the attention of employees across Microsoft can be a challenge when there are billion dollar businesses on the line – each continually designing, developing and deploying products and services. To help break through the typical product update spiel, the Surface team needed an engaging and rewarding way to get all Microsoft employees up-to-date on the latest offering from Surface, the Surface Pro 3.

To drive excitement, engagement and learning around the Surface Pro 3, the Surface team contacted us to produce a gamified learning and giveaway module for all Microsoft employees. Using internal systems such as, Sharepoint and Active Directory, we implemented one of our Tier I gamification modules. It consisted of 15 questions that tested each employee’s knowledge around the Surface Pro 3 offering. At successful completion, each employee was awarded a new Surface Pro 3. Within 5 hours of the deployment, over 40% of the target audience (2,500 people) for the training and earned their own Surface Pro 3.