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Alabama Credit Union Gamification

Gamification, Enablement

ACU is always looking for ways to better prepare and engage employees in ongoing training endeavors. Financial institutions need regular training to remain compliant and up-to-date with state and federal regulations. ACU wanted to find a fun and engaging way to improve and grow their Learning Management System in order to provide better training for their employees and provide better service for their members.

Alabama Credit Union serves more than 55,000 members and was named one of the Best Companies to Work For in Alabama by Business Alabama and the Best Companies Group. As a member-owned institution, ACU strives to innovate new ways to provide better service to members and a better work environment for employees. ACU’s Learning and Development team have the task of providing the training and resources to employees that will help ACU provide the best service possible to members.

To meet those needs, Extreme Arts + Sciences brought gamification to ACU with The Big Game ’14. ACU participated in a pilot program testing gamified compliance training within a credit union. In partnership with ACU, EASCI’s design team and consultants created an engaging and innovative digital game. ACU employees were positioned as referees for The Big Game ’14 and were challenged to “make the calls” by answering policy and regulation questions. Utilizing leaderboards to spark competition, challenging content, and witty sports-themed tone, participants underwent a three week long training session, answering questions daily and earning the opportunity to win prizes. The Big Game ’14 turned traditional tedious compliance training on its head by encouraging greater participation and engagement with policies through competition and fun. ACU’s participation and feedback in this pilot game also allowed Extreme Arts + Sciences to fine-tune and improve our gamified options for clients in financial institutions.