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Adobe AMO Sim Tool


EAS partnered with Adobe to develop a simulation tool for Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO).

Adobe Media Optimizer is a platform that helps forecast a mix of search, display and social advertising that allows users to automate the execution of their media plan.

For the 2015 Adobe Summit, Adobe needed a way to demonstrate and project potential savings by using AMO.

In order to project the effect of using AMO, we partnered with Adobe to develop a simulation tool that pulled data from Google Ad Words to generate potential savings and impact of using Adobe Media Optimizer.

Our team built a web interface that bridged accounts and provided a “front-end” for the tool, generating a user-friendly experience with the simulation tool. As a result, the Adobe Media Optimizer Simulation Tool processes and displays data in a meaningful way for users. This simulation tool was launched as part of Adobe Summit 2015 and continues to be utilized and featured by Adobe.