Extreme (Arts + Sciences)

Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2015, Partner Briefing

Messaging, Narrative, Strategy

Extreme Arts + Sciences worked with Adobe executives to generate compelling, integrated messaging for Partner Briefing at Adobe Summit 2015, crafting a narrative in alignment with Adobe’s vision for marketing in a digital world.

Each year, Adobe Digital Marketing Summit brings together leaders and innovators in marketing to share industry-leading solutions and to generate the conversations that are driving digital marketing forward.. With more than 135 sessions in ten tracks, Summit offers expert insights into the latest digital marketing breakthroughs and trends.

With a fresh approach to strategy and go-to-market initiatives with Partners, Adobe needed to clearly communicate the opportunity related to an innovation and customer growth model – and how this new way of jointly approaching customer success will lead to more strategic deals by partners. Additionally, this messaging needed to integrate seamlessly with the flow throughout the conference in order to reinforce the overall narrative and Adobe’s larger strategic goals.

Extreme Arts + Sciences drew on previous experiences working across the Adobe Marketing Cloud, from Social to Experience Manager, to craft compelling, integrated content in alignment with Adobe’s new go-to-market approach and overarching strategic goals. With this year’s Summit, Adobe wanted to shift how it works with partners to focus heavily on innovation and customer success to drive growth rather than purely sales.. This new strategy had significant implications on Adobe’s go-to-market approach and on how they jointly sell to customers.

Extreme Arts + Sciences consultants, AJ Peper, Ph.D., and Jackson Hataway, Ph.D., helped articulate Adobe’s new strategy for an audience of some of its most critical partners. Extreme Arts + Sciences assisted in generating coherent narratives and messaging for Adobe Partner Briefing that highlighted Adobe’s strategic direction for 2015 and the opportunities this direction will create for partners, their customers and Adobe. .

Extreme Arts + Sciences brought the unique ability to capture sometimes fledgling ideas and craft a compelling narrative for the audience, maintaining fluidity throughout a full day of speakers and showcases to maximize impact. Crafting this narrative required the Extreme Arts team to bridge the perspectives of stakeholders across Adobe and frame goals and information in a way that was relevant to the partner audience – and then enable executives to deliver the mesaging in an authentic way.

Adobe’s 2015 Partner Briefing was deemed successful with over 500 attendees, including nine of the top 12 global agencies and eight of the top 12 system integrators. Adobe’s senior executives, product teams, and industry experts delivered quality keynotes and breakout sessions for Adobe’s digital marketing partners—generating buzz with roughly 9,000 tweets in one day.