Extreme (Arts + Sciences)

Adobe APAC Symposium

Design, Development

Extreme Arts + Sciences developed the overarching narrative and solution roadmaps for Adobe’s 2015 APAC Symposium Partner Briefing in Sydney, Australia.

Extreme Arts + Sciences assisted Adobe in developing the overarching narrative and solution roadmap content for Adobe’s 2015 APAC Symposium Partner Briefing. EAS consultants helped Adobe articulate its partner strategy for the region, produce content and slides aimed at giving partners more insight into product development and coach presenters to create the best possible Partner Briefing experience.

Adobe’s partner team needed assistance developing a cohesive strategic narrative specific to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to better engage their partners during Adobe’s annual APAC Symposium Partner Briefing held in Sydney, Australia. Specifically, Adobe wanted partners to leave the event with a better understanding of how the partner team will engage with partners in the region to grow business and with deeper insight into Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and roadmaps.

The Extreme Arts + Sciences team worked Adobe partner leadership to develop a cohesive strategic narrative that was tailored to the needs and opportunities of the APAC market and its partners in the region. EAS consultants also worked with Adobe Marketing Cloud solution owners to develop a product roadmap session called “The Perfect Pitch” that was aimed at delivering solution content in an exciting and engaging format. During that session, solution owners took on the role of sales people, sharing key product features and roadmap details as if they were assisting a partner “pitching” to a large regional retailer. Throughout this process, the EAS team assisted with content creation, slide design, as well as presentation preparation and execution.

Jackson Hataway, PhD., worked with presenters to refine their presentation strategy in relation to the overall narrative, honing content and approach so that presenters could build off one another and present the most salient information for Adobe’s partners.