Extreme (Arts + Sciences)

AEFCU’s Snowball Challenge

Design, Gamification, Marketing

American Eagle Federal Credit Union wanted an innovative way to extend the reach of the credit union while still providing quality member service. AEFCU’s goal is to help improve the financial understanding of their membership and inform members of the products and services AEFCU offers.

With the high-level of spending during the winter holiday season, AEFCU wanted to prepare their membership, improve their members’ financial know-how, encourage their members to engage with AEFCU’s products and services, and track their members participation.

In partnership with e(a+s), AEFCU chose to reach out to their members through a game: The Snowball Challenge. Extreme Arts + Sciences designed a custom, interactive game to test AEFCU’s members and potential members on their financial know-how. Players answered financial questions in a winter-themed game to earn snowballs, badges and climb up the leaderboard. Players had the opportunity to share their achievements over Facebook, customize avatars, and use their earned snowballs to pelt snowmen and yetis in the Snowball Toss.

While players improved their financial IQ, the game tracked the user experience, providing detailed data on member interests and needs. AEFCU’s Snowball Challenge provided a cool way for people to get the information they need, as well as access the services and products offered by AEFCU.