Extreme (Arts + Sciences)


Design, Marketing

This last March, Extreme Arts + Sciences worked closely with Bing Ads EMEA to create an event experience that would stand out amongst other sponsors for their presence at the Search Marketing Expo in Munich.

Bing Ads is dedicated to providing industry-leading marketing solutions and insights worldwide. Specifically, Bing Ads EMEA serves Europe, the Middle East and Africa—providing their services to a range of diverse and dynamic regions.

Each year, the Search Marketing Expo has more than a thousand visitors and over 60 sessions that focus on optimization strategies for mobile search, brand management in the Internet age, and the future of search. The Bing Ads EMEA team needed a visually appealing way of distinguishing their brand presence that could live beyond just the day of the event. The designs and information needed to be bright and fun, showcasing region-appropriate vertical insights and at the same time be able to be used across a variety of assets in the future.

Leveraging our previous work and partnership with Bing Ads EMEA, we started with existing assets and concepts to create a new visual experience. Once we established a theme and strategy for this event, Extreme Arts worked to bring it all to life by creating a collection of posters, magnets, table cards, infographics, and a variety of other collateral to drive home the Bing Ads vision for the future of search.

To encourage engagement with the Bing Ads booth, attendees received a free portable USB charger if they tweeted a picture of themselves and any of the collateral we helped createfor the event. The results we saw on social mediahave been positive. With over 48,000 impressions, 2,942 Twitter engagements, and 23 new twitter followers, the Bing Ads presence at SMX Munich was a complete success.