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Bing Ads — iOS App Video

Design, Marketing

Extreme Arts + Sciences partnered with Bing Ads to develop an engaging video for businesses highlighting Bing Ads’ new iOS app, launched in April.

Bing Ads provides industry-leading marketing solutions and insights worldwide and recently launched its first-ever mobile app for PPC managers allowing them to access their campaigns from their iOS mobile devices.

As part of the launch of Bing Ads’ new iOS app, Bing Ads needed a way to show businesses and professionals how Bing Ads can work for them wherever they are—on the go and out of the office.

Over the course of two weeks, the Extreme Arts team worked with Bing Ads to create an engaging and informative video to announce their new app for iOS. Using an initial script, our team crafted new messaging to introduce and explain the newest offering and demonstrate Bing Ad’s updated capabilities.

By using screenshots of the new app, the Extreme Arts design team then worked closely with the Bing Ads team and created a 3D iPhone 6. This allowed us to show a realistic display of Bing Ads’ iOS app in action. With our skilled editing, captivating imagery, and clear, concise messaging, our team produced a video that accurately portrays how to manage and update Bing Ads campaigns anywhere, anytime.

In the first two weeks, the video had already generated over 1500 views.