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Bing Ads Content Marketing Campaign

Customer, Campaign, Creative, Design, Marketing

Microsoft’s Bing team needed a campaign to highlight all of the new features and tools available on the Bing small business platform.

The Bing team needed a way to effectively reach their broad user base with a customer satisfaction related campaign. The intention of the campaign was two-fold. First, they wanted to reinforce that customer feedback is integral to everything the team does, and ultimately, customer feedback is what drives product updates and new features. Second, they wanted to demonstrate that they were acting on the feedback they had been receiving over the last year and making updates across the platform. The challenge was to figure out how to effectively engage, teach, and energize customers about Bing and the 100+ product and features being launched over the course of four months.

We knew we had to find a scalable way to continually engage and educate Bing customers on all the products and features being launched over the length of the campaign. To do this, we built a content framework to capture all the feature updates and products, as well as weighted certain larger launch items, warranting the use of richer media, such as video. As we built out the content framework, we also went to work with the Bing team to develop a theme and consistent look and feel for how we take our messaging to customers. The end result was a fun, engaging and easy to understand set of deliverables that worked in a layered content approach to drive excitement with customers and drive key KPIs with Bing