Extreme (Arts + Sciences)

ECI Annual Report 2014


EAS partnered with Eastern Congo Initiative to deliver a visually appealing Annual Report to investors and stakeholders that captured the impact the non-profit had in the region.

Founded by Ben Affleck, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) is an advocacy and grant-making initiative focused on working with and for the people of eastern Congo.

Eastern Congo Initiative needed an engaging and visually appealing design for its Annual Report for fiscal year 2014. This design needed to work for both digital and print formats, clearly presenting the information with integrated design.

Working from only word documents and photos, our team used our previous experience working with ECI to produce a design that represents and portrays ECI’s work for fiscal year 2014.

By using captivating images, the Extreme Arts design team was able to create a clean and visually engaging design that would serve as a vehicle to convey the results of ECI’s work in the region. Our team used earth tones, high-quality photos and a clean layout, to adequately show the fruits of ECI’s labor—providing a simple, rustic and impactful booklet that meets all of ECI’s needs for current and future investors.

The Eastern Congo Initiative needed design that would function across formats to provide easy access to the Annual Report. Our booklet design lends itself to both print and digital formatting, creating a quality and engaging visual experience across domains.