Extreme (Arts + Sciences)


Messaging, Narrative, Strategy, Design

Extreme Arts + Sciences worked with LinkedIn to tell the story of their marketing capabilities to the financial services industry.

LinkedIn is more than just a social network—LinkedIn provides an extensive network to help businesses reach the audiences they want to target, business-to-business or business-to-consumer.

LinkedIn needed assistance showing the value of their services as a marketing solution in the financial services industry—by demonstrating the ability to reach people as an influencer and thought leader.

Drawing from our experience working with numerous clients in the financial services industry, Extreme Arts consultants AJ Peper, PhD and Jackson Hataway, PhD worked to create a sales deck and script for LinkedIn Sales Representatives to use when presenting to potential customers.

Our team met with LinkedIn’s key stakeholders as well as key personnel in marketing, in the field, and in sales management in order to generate a deep understanding of the experiences of employees at LinkedIn. Our consultants also drew from extensive knowledge of the financial services industry, to provide insight into LinkedIn’s current positioning.

From this research, we built a narrative about the financial services industry and mapped LinkedIn solutions to the pressure points and needs that of the industry. This comprehensive narrative was adaptable based on the needs of the potential clients in the banking industry as well as the needs of the LinkedIn Sales Representatives.

With this narrative, our consultants and design team created a PPT deck and accompanying script to tell the LinkedIn story and show how LinkedIn solutions can bring the key audiences to the biggest players in financial services. The LinkedIn Sales team now has a better understanding of their audience and what drives them, and can provide more targeted solutions that address the needs of their clients in the financial services industry.