Extreme (Arts + Sciences)

Microsoft Global Exchange(MGX)

Strategic Narrative, Design, Speaker Coaching

Story, Design and Delivery: Extreme Arts + Sciences worked with Senior Leaders at Microsoft to craft their strategic business narrative for the year along with visuals, and speaker coaching to help each story and initiative land with current Microsoft employees.

Extreme Arts + Sciences helped Microsoft with the direction of their strategic narrative for the year, visual design and speaker coaching for MGX, the annual Microsoft for new employees.

With Microsoft selling their display advertising business to AOL, Microsoft needed assistance to craft a cohesive business narrative to provide consistency and direction for the company’s ongoing investment in Bing and Search Advertising. Moreover, the compelling narrative needed accompanying visuals that would permeate throughout the year in other enablement channels, such as all-hands meetings, online training and other collateral. Content and design were just two legs of the stool – in order to help land the messages with an effective change management tone, Microsoft also asked Extreme Arts + Sciences, to prepare each individual speaker on effective delivery modalities and coaching on how best to deliver the significant points of each presentation at MGX.

Because of the Extreme Arts + Sciences team and history in change management, speaker coaching and narrative, we used our knowledge in enterprise change management and digital advertising to work across the event to develop a narrative that showcased the new strategic advertising direction for the company and how that vision impacts the people in the room. To bring the vision to life and make it actionable, the EAS team acted as “storytellers,” building presentations that effectively communicated the shift in strategy, and built visuals to accompany the story. To help make the words and visuals come to life in both a strategic and compassionate tone, Microsoft worked with the speaker coaches at Extreme Arts + Sciences to ensure each speaker’s delivery was on-point and impactful. This work spanned major keynote sessions and four smaller breakout sessions.

The EAS team worked with Microsoft at every stage of the event preparation and execution, providing guidance on stage and throughout setup. Lead by Managing Director Peter Kim, the Extreme Arts team provided full enterprise support for Microsoft throughout the course of this event, bringing a organizational change, narrative and creative approach to articulating Microsoft’s vision.