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NW Wind & Solar Site Redesign

Design, Development

NW Wind & Solar partnered with Extreme Arts to update and redesign their website, as well as track site analytics and provide ongoing updates and maintenance.

NW Wind & Solar provides alternative energy for residential and commercial customers in the Pacific Northwest.

NW Wind & Solar already had a high-performing website and strong web presence. The goal was to make NW Wind & Solar's website even better with a new look and feel—making it more accessible for their users.

The Extreme Arts team worked to do a full redesign of NW Wind & Solar's website. Our team created a responsive site with a clean and modern feel, leveraging NW Wind & Solar's brand to create a fluid display. Using the existing website analytics, Extreme Arts was able to highlight the most popular pages. With the new design, we were able to showcase NW Wind & Solar's projects and employees, demonstrating their role as a local business in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to the full redesign, Extreme Arts is also dedicated to keeping the site updated and current. This includes creating a complete SEO platform with linked data, making a more navigable site. NW Wind & Solar and EAS are working together to continue creating more engaging and interactive experiences on the site.