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United Federal Credit Union Website Redesign

Design, Digital Strategy, Messaging

United Federal Credit Union wanted better messaging, better analytics and better engagement with its membership. In partnership with Extreme Arts & Sciences, UFCU was able to redesign their digital presence and provide the best experience possible for their members.

With 1.8 billion dollars in assets, United Federal Credit Union’s reach spans across six states and serves over 130,000 members. As UFCU continues to grow, its priority remains on providing the best products and services to their members—in-person, on the phone, and online.

As more people are turning to online and mobile banking options, UFCU needed better engagement with its membership through these channels—to provide easy access to all the information they need to make the right financial decisions. To accomplish these goals, UFCU needed to update and revamp their website to generate a better member experience and to demonstrate the “UFCU Difference.”

In partnership with Extreme Arts & Sciences, UFCU committed to a complete overhaul of their web platform—not only to provide a better user experience, but also to give United Federal Credit Union the ability to track and analyze user engagement. With a revamped and integrated new web interface, e(a+s) was able to accomplish a comprehensive revamp of UFCU’s user interface—focusing on defined goals and identifying measures of success that ensure a quality service for UFCU’s membership.

Extreme Arts and Sciences’ strategists and designers used a multi-faceted approach to achieve UFCU’s goals with measurable results. First, e(a+s) collected and analyzed data from across all of UFCU—beyond digital—to take a deep look at UFCU’s audience makeup. From this data, e(a+s) identified personas that represent UFCU’s membership demographics, generating user stories to better understand the needs and behaviors of UFCU’s members. From this information, e(a+s) was able to develop an information architecture optimized for the paths and behaviors identified among UFCU’s user profiles. Based on this analysis, a new design was introduce to better reflect the products and services UFCU has to offer with a more user friendly design—made specifically for UFCU’s membership.

Working with e(a+s)’s design and development team, UFCU was also able to tailor its messaging to reflect the UFCU experience. This meant using clear language instead of financial jargon, simple navigation to make it easy to find the answers to questions, helpful tools to make the right financial decisions, readily available support services—and most importantly, a personable, engaging and insightful experience for members.

This redesign provided UFCU with the right vehicle to better measure their progress and to achieve their organizational goals—with a unified, integrated platform that speaks to UFCU’s values in a way that engages their members.