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The Weather Channel

Marketing, Design

The Weather Channel had an important Digital Upfronts presentation where they needed to delve into the larger vision for TWC; articulating strategy and design.

The one place where talking about the weather isn’t small talk, The Weather Channel is the omnipresent place to go when you need to know about weather both near and far. Additionally, the Weather Channel is a known source of high quality web-only and televised series.

To drive board understanding of the updated vision of TWC, we worked along-side the various product groups to understand how their products were integrating within the larger TWC vision. Once we had those date, we were able to develop a core narrative that outlined broader industry trends and consumer behavior, and align that with product updates being worked on by TWC. With the narrative complete, we built engaging slides that drove home specific elements of the company vision, as well as alluded to the new User-Interface being built on the digital properties.